Cheese and Charcuterie Board

Cheese boards rock my world, so yesterday when we had guests over for dinner, I decided to prepare a Cheese and Charcuterie board, adding some lovely Proscuitto, Coppa di Parma and Genoa Salami to the mix.


Ready for the guests. I added some hummus with roasted pepper on a side as you can never to wrong with hummus.

The result was beautiful and delicious and we kept nibbling on it late into the evening while sipping our drinks and enjoying the conversation. I highly recommend you make one too for your next dinner party. All you need is a few types of different cheeses (ideally, of various textures and flavours), a bit of smoked meats (proscuitto works marvelously), some fruit and crackers. Arrange it prettily on a nice board and you are done!


I ended up using Camembert, Le Saint Aubin, Castello Blue Cheese and Halloumi for my board.

I can’t make my boards without some fresh berries and blue cheese, can you tell me what your favourite ingredients are?



6 thoughts on “Cheese and Charcuterie Board

  1. If I can get fresh figs I will – I adore them! I love olives stuffed with blue cheese too. Castello is probably my favourite blue cheese. I like to add a nice Brie or Camembert, Smoked Gouda for ‘im indoors. A Cheddar, a Goats cheese, a white Stilton with cranberries or apricots and if I can get it, some Cornish Yarg

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