My name is Violetta and I am passionate about 3 things in my life: my family, food and yoga. In this blog I would love to share my food journey with you.

I have a full time office job (which I actually love), and I am also a wife to my awesome husband and a mother IMG_0671.jpgof two little girls. My life keeps me busy and I happen to spend a good chunk of it in my kitchen. I simply love to cook and to feed people. Having our dining room filled with family and friends sharing a meal does not fail to put a smile on my face. Now, I am pretty sure that my husband might somewhat disagree with that last sentence as I turn into a crazy frazzled maniac a few hours before our guests are due to show up and I am trying to get a million things done. I have observed the same insane behavior in my mom and my mother-in-law, both wonderful cooks, and it makes me think that some women just strive under pressure and it helps to keep our minds clear and hands steady, kind of like a surgeon, non? Should I maybe call myself a kitchen surgeon?.. Hhmmmm…

As you can see, I tend to get sidetracked and rumble a little, so back to the purpose of this blog. I love to shop for food, to cook, to eat it and to feed it. I have zero culinary training, but have learned a lot from my mom, who, as I mentioned above, is a great cook. I was born in Ukraine and now live in Toronto, so Ukrainian cuisine is near and dear to my heart while living in Canada exposed to me to the joys of international gastronomy. It took me some time to get my footing in the kitchen (pun intended) and my long suffering husband had to put up with more than a few mediocre dishes in the beginning of my kitchen journey. So I want to share my good recipes with you and hope that you will like them too. I love cookbooks and have a few favourite ones. It is such a pleasure to get my hands on a new book and give the dishes a try. Internet is a treasure chest of recipes as well. I will review them here and hope that you can find it helpful. Please come by and share your thoughts with me, I will absolutely love to hear from you!