Food Shopping: Iraqi Food Market

I have mentioned in one or my earlier posts that ethnic food stores make my heart sing.  I love to eat and cook dishes from all over the world and after meeting my husband I fell in love with Arabic food. His Iraqi side of the family are all exceptional cooks and they have introduced me to some amazing dishes that are now staples on my family menu. One of our favourites is chicken curry, which actually brings me to this post.

img_2779To make Iraqi-style curry you need Iraqi curry powder and I used to get mine from our relatives in Detroit, Michigan. For years it was one of my most treasured seasonings as I cannot get it at the regular supermarket here in Toronto and some other curry powders that I tried did not get the flavour quite right. Enter Baghdad Market in Vaughan, Ontario. You cannot even begin to imagine my joy when I have discovered this little gem of a store. You can find anything you wish here and the owners are the nicest and the kindest people. It is a short drive away from Canada’s Wonderland, so please give Baghdad Market a visit if you are in that neck of the woods, you will not regret it.

I usually start with browsing the sweets section, which is small but quite sufficient to satisfy your sweet tooth.



Then I move on to the dry goods.


Got this box Freekeh and it is waiting to become a salad

This is where I get my pomegranate molasses. One of the owners, a great cook, judging by her torshi (Arabic pickles) alone, highly recommended pomegranate molasses to me as a substitute for sugar and lemon in certain dishes.


Frozen food section is great as well.


Baby okra

This is where I get frozen baby okra for Bamieh. I also stock up on Kubba Mossul – a delicious meat pie made with bulgur dough and seasoned meat. All  you have to do is plop this baby on the heated frying pan for a few minutes, add some torshi on a side and voila, dinner is served and even my kids love it.


Kubba Mossul did not make it into the pick, unfortunately. They were freshly out of it (it is QUITE a popular item, obviously). It is made by the same manufacturer as these products in the fridge.

Torshi is very good here, I always get a big jar and we finish it in no time. If you have never had Arabic pickles, it is definitely time to give them a try. They are made on premises and are worth every penny. My husband’s aunt and cousin make a stuffed version of torshi, where cucumbers are stuffed with seasoned herbs. It is a rare treat for us, but you can place an order with the store owners and they will have it made for you and ready for pick up within a week or two.


Torshi are on top shelf

In the mood for some cheese? Halloumi is delicious on its own and excellent grilled.


On to the spices. Look at this! I always stand in front of this display for a few minutes trying to figure out what I need. Last time we visited I even found a Biryani spice from Michigan, the same brand that our family uses. Iraqi Biryani is one of my favourite dishes and I will try to post the recipe soon.


How about a hot cup of tea after you meal? Care for a beautiful tea set?


It is probably worth mentioning that this post is NOT sponsored. I simply love this store and always look forward to visiting it. Hope you will love it too 🙂



18 thoughts on “Food Shopping: Iraqi Food Market

  1. I miss Arabic restaurants in London sooo much! I love the sweetmeats and savoury dishes and as for halloumi – it’s one of my absolute favourite things. It’s frighteningly expensive here though. A pack I used to pay less than $2 equivalent in England is $10 plus tax here! I’m very envious!

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  3. This looks fantastic – a bit outside the city for me as I don’t own a car but it’s still inspiring. I’m sure I can find something similar within reach of the TTC. The photos look great! I actually ended up at the Iranian market, Khorak, in North York yesterday for the first time and was blown away. They had many similar foods but what really blew my mind was the fresh bread – so good!

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