Tomato Salad: an Update

Today I made the tomato salad from one of my previous posts, but with addition of cucumbers.

IMG_0887.jpgI also substituted oil dressing for sour cream (my favourite kind for this salad). I served it on the side of chicken and mashed potatoes and as always, it turned out delicious. I really love tomatoes and remember craving them badly them when I was pregnant with my elder daughter. Of course, the ripe and bright coloured ones are the most delicious and you can eat them like apples (well, not sure about you, but  I most definitely can). I try not to put my tomatoes in the fridge and keep them in the bowl on top of the kitchen counter. This way I kill two birds with one stone: they look pretty sitting in a glass bowl and they ripen up a bit more. The beauty of this salad is that it tastes good even if tomatoes are not all that great. Somehow, the combination of these few simple ingredients makes it flavourful every single time. But, as I have mentioned before, do not go skimpy on salt and pepper. Well, maybe on salt, but definitely not on pepper.

The recipe:



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