A Little About My Banner Pic


It took me some time to come up with the name for my blog. It is not that much different than naming your children, only a bit less agonizing, I would say. Mom in the Kitchen? Nope. Violetta’s Kitchen? Violetta’s bites? Eat with Violetta? It became quite clear that I wanted my name in it, but Violetta’s what exactly? Kitchen? But I like not only cooking, but shopping for food and even a few minutes in an ethnic food store fills my heart with joy, so I cannot limit myself only to kitchen. I love eating out and appreciating the food that was prepared by somebody else. So food, as a general term, had to be in the name. Violetta’s Food? I like all kinds of food and immensely enjoy discovering new cuisines and new dishes, which in way allows me to visit countries that I have never been to or have fond memories of. It is like a journey that takes a place in my plate. Violetta’s Food Journey!

I wanted my banner photo to reflect my multicultural food approach, so a standard flatware set combined with chopsticks seemed like an easy choice. And the chopsticks are actually in the heart of this post (in more than one way).

My husband, Tom, is an avid traveler. He had visited a lot of countries and seen a lot of beautiful places (I have a long way to go to catch up with him). We were just dating when he went on a trip to Japan with three of his friends. He was gone for a few weeks and came back bearing gifts! Tom bought me a gorgeous blue and white kimono, in which I swan around when I feel mysterious and artsy, akin to geisha. The beautiful thing is not really suited for anything else as it is not practical at all and sleeves tend to get in the way of everything. My second present was a set of custom chopsticks. They came in a pretty box and had my name painted on them! How much more special can a pair of chopsticks get?!! The box actually contained two sets, his and hers and Tom’s have his name. They are so pretty and delicate and special that I don’t think they will ever serve their true purpose and come into contact with any food. To me, this was Tom’s perfect way to show me that I meant a lot to him and that he saw a future together. Or maybe I am over analyzing it in a typical female way and he just thought that it would be a cool thing to do? Regardless, I love my special chopsticks that have my name on them and there they are in my banner pic.


What about you? Do you have any special presents from your loved ones that put a smile on your face?

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